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About Company

Cross-Biz Busan Business Center is located in Seo-myeon station area, which is the biggest business hub, and it is located 3 minutes walk from Busan Subway Line 1-2, Seomyeon Station No. 8, Exit 10. Cross-Biz provides hotel-style service. It also helps customers who prepare their own business and foreign companies who want to establish domestic branch offices to start business more quickly and conveniently. It is the best business center in Busan that provides equipments, meeting rooms, facilities and professional services.


In the future, we will continue to provide our customers with the best services and management, and we will do our utmost to build up towards future with our customers.


A professional private business incubator to help start-ups of SOHO and 1 person businesses in Korea. A place for everyone who has a dream of starting a business as a 1 person businesses.


  • Establish a world-class business workplace where SOHO and 1 person businesses man can easily start and concentrate on management. Provide services to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and economics of customers’ business from the perspective of an entrepreneur.
  • Continuing education opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to develop their leadership and improve their managerial skills.
  • Creation of various networking opportunities to enable alliances and collaboration between businesses with member companies or large corporations
  • Established branch offices and partnership network in major countries of the world to support domestic companies’ successful entry into overseas markets
  • Cooperation in promoting entrepreneurial spirit that is desirable in Korea and establishing foundation for revitalization of entrepreneurship

Introduce Business Center


Sophisticated and optimized space design for SOHO and 1 popular business


  • Provides best interiors for small business entrepreneurs based on approximately 30 business center building experiences
  • Provides workspaces of various size and price ranging from single room to 5 room depending on the usage from 0.7 pyeong to 2 pyeong per single room
  • The total number of single rooms (single room, solo piece) in Cross-Biz Busan Center is 23, which is close to 50% of total 46 offices
  • Maximize occupancy rate of occupants by optimizing space such as office, meeting room, break room, reception

Providing a pleasant and safe work environment


  • Maintain comfortable office temperature regardless of the season (independent air conditioner)
  • A neat office with regular cleaning (carpet) and weekly cleaning
  • Convenient and secure entrance and exit function (except for fingerprint / card etc.) by providing door locks for offices as well as entrance security devices.
  • Prevent and prevent theft accidents by recording every corner of the office through 24/7 CCTV

Providing differentiated products and services to meet customers’ various needs


  • Soloffice: Shared single room (30-40% of single room price)
  • AnyWork: Non-occupancy virtual office (address registration) service
  • BiznCafe: Membership Cross-Biz Office Space Service
  • BizServe: Continuous development such as business support portal

Operator training (workshop, forum) for member companies


  • Provides management-related training free of charge for cross-biz member companies, pre-founders, and existing businessmen, including blog and cafe marketing, year-end closing,
  • Korea SoHo Promotion Association, Korea Coach Association, Korea Management Technology
  • Provides high-quality and practical education in cooperation with the Association of Teachers’ Associations and the Management Technology Consulting Department of the Dong-A University Graduate School of Industry.
  • Provides workshops bimonthly, quarterly by franchise centers

Provide specialized services with ongoing manager training programs


  • All headquarters managers (managers) are receiving continuing work management and training on new services through headquarters
  • Strive to raise the level and speed of professional business support services for customers by completing regular e-learning and reading communication training to enhance job competence and enhance customer service capability.

Since 2006, Members day have been held since the third Wednesday of each month.

  • Membership Day promotes interactions among member companies to provide a foundation for sales growth and strategic growth and development through partnerships and collaboration.
  • Issued business newsletter “Soho Story” for cross-biz members (introduction of new member companies, introduction of major business information, introduction of government support policy, etc.)
  • It serves as a mutual exchange and information provider among member companies.

History (Since 2007)

  • 2017 Small Business Administration Designated 1-person creative enterprise support center (for 9 years)
  • 2016 Small Business Administration Designated by 1 person ( for 8 years)
  • Signed a business agreement with Korea Management Practice Society in 2016
  • Signed a business agreement with Busan tax high school for 2016
  • Signed business agreement with Busan Senior Technology Incubation Center in Busan
  • Designated by 2015 Small and Medium Business Administration (for 7years)
  • 2015 Korea Christian Businessmen’s Association Busan branch business agreement (200 business companies in Busan) (for 6years)
  • 2014 Small Business Administration Designated 1-person creative enterprise support center (for 6years)
  • 2014 Korea Business Technology Teachers Association concluded Boolean branch business agreement
  • 2014 concluded a business agreement with the Korea Coach Association Busan Gyeongnam Branch
  • Moved to Busan Gyeongnam branch of Korea Coach Association in 2013
  • 2013 Signed a business agreement with the SoHo Promotion Association Incheon branch
  • 2012 Promotion of the 4th year of the Creation Enterprise Support Center designated by the Small and Medium Business Administration (selection of coordinator, capture of commercialization opportunities and provision of information)
  • 2011 Small Business Administration Designated 1-person creative enterprise support center (for 3years)
  • 2010 Designated Business Support Center by the Small and Medium Business Administration for the 2nd year (first in the province and expanded nationwide network)
  • Designated as a single-person creative enterprise support center by the 2009 Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Changed the company to 2008 Cross-Biz Corporation
  • Established Rehobot Busan Direct Center in Busan for the first time in 2007 Acquired Lehobot as a private company,
  • Appointed Director of the Busan Small Business Association Support Center in 2007
  • 2007 Joined SOHO Promotion Association Busan Branch
  • 2007 Established Cross-biz Corporation