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1 person ~ 4 person room / 5 person room or more

Spacious space for more than 10 people, presentation available

Meet the unique office space of Cross-Biz

It provides all your needs and convenience.

Support content and cost

  • Office desk, chair, bookcase, drawer, 1Gbps wired and wireless Internet
  • Bead Cafe with free drinks
  • Use of high-class conference rooms and guest rooms
  • Using OA (copier, printer, fax, scanner, public computer)

* The above office furniture and OA equipment may be different

* Monthly membership fee for each room (No deposit, Internet, electricity, air-conditioning, maintenance fee)

Linking government policy funds

Angel Fund, Venture Capital, Financial Institution

Investor connections through Open IR events

Promotion and marketing support through webzine, press release, etc.

Support information sharing between companies

Cross-Biz Community Exchange and Business Alliance Support

1Gbps feed / wireless internet

Provide fixed IP

OA room network printer

Free use of exclusive FAX city

Completely soundproofing: construction of quadruple soundproof wall

The optimal office environment where each office is air-conditioned

Spacious public space and elegant interior

Dignified lobby, reception room, meeting room

Public OA: PC, scanner, copier, printer, fax

Available 24 hours a day

CCTV and complete access security

Lounge, business cafe space

Water purifier, coffee machine, tea bag

Individual mailbox

Newspapers, Periodicals


Secretary Telephone Service

1.Economy Service (Service Hours: Weekdays 9: 00 ~ 18: 00)

Open your phone in your name.

2.Business Services

  • Providing service using your existing phone number (incoming)
  • Your company’s business name serves as a stand-alone phone
  • A service that connects directly to the customer when the secretary needs to speak directly with the customer while receiving the call.
  • After-work phone call connection service (additional charge)

TAX Accounting

Are not you using a tax agent’s office where only tax captains are available?

Consultation on taxation counseling, financial statements in general (can not be done in tax accountant office), consultation about commercial law.


Cross Biz Business Center (including non-resident service customers)


[Offered Services]

  • Tax / account reporting service
  • Badminton Service
  • Business registration service (free of charge)
  • Consultation support service (tax, accounting, management related

Intellectual Property

Do not you use the internet application site simply because it is cheap?


Get high-quality services from patent offices that can professionally conduct initial invention concept, selection, strategic patent application, invention commercialization, and patent strategy consulting at low cost. Free consultation on mobile app, application, BM patent, fusion technology


Cross Biz Business Center (including non-resident service customers)


[Offered Services]

  • Patent application, utility model application, trademark application, design application, PCT application etc.
  • Low Fee & Fast Application (within 1 week)
  • Billed only fixed costs, regardless of the number of claims and drawings
  • Patent attorneys from Seoul National University prepare direct consultation and application documents according to the technology field

Personal & Labor Management

Financial accounting should be consulted to the accountant for consultation with personnel.


Are you still downloading your employment contract, resignation letter, or writing another company? Are you worried about how to decide on the salary and salary of new employees? It is advisable to consult a lawyer even if you leave the company as well as when you leave the company. Do you report directly to the Ministry of Employment and Labor without consulting the consultant?


Cross Biz Business Center (including non-resident service customers)


[Offered Services]

  • Consultation on personnel affairs
  • Creating forms
  • Completing / submitting a report
  • Write a review opinion
  • Wage design, work contract, wage book review

Judicial Affairs

As you start your business, there are a lot of documents you need to submit to each related organization such as establishment, registration, registration, capital increase, merger, and other changes.


You can check to prevent problems in advance and receive safe and reasonable legal consulting.

[Offered Services]

  • Establishment of company, other changes, capital increase, debt, merger, etc.
  • Consultation on constitution, shareholder responsibilities and executive responsibilities at the time of establishment
  • Monthly e-mail free service
  • Contract writing and review services at low cost
  • Consultation on the preparation and contents of contracts for capital procurement such as investment by a third party
  • Lecture related to internal corporate law


Any-work service for operators who don’t use offices that often

Provides reasonable and efficient office services for those who work out often, and have other jobs.

Cross-Biz Center Address (Business registration available)

  • Mail, courier service, fax number
  • OA equipment available (charged)
  • Free use of Biz Cafe (9: 00-18: 00 on weekdays)
  • Meeting and reception rooms available


Costs are due on deposit and monthly basis (minimum 3 months).

Business registration may not be possible in accordance with the taxation policy of the industry and jurisdiction.